The responsibilities given to residents are varied and eclectic.

One day you might be working on a new marketing campaign, the next day you’ll be creating a new teaching program, and the next you’ll be cooking a meal for the community.

The diversity of work cultivates the meta-skill of rapid learning and generates unshakeable confidence in one’s ability to take on any project.

Central to work life at the Monastic Academy is a culture of accountability.

Residents hold one another to a strict standard of integrity and discipline. You will be lovingly held to a high standard of behavior.


All work at the Monastic Academy is in service of a larger goal, to create wise, powerful, and loving leaders who are an unstoppable force for social and environmental peace on Earth.


The work is often challenging and fast-paced. It requires a willingness to try new things, learn from mistakes, and take feedback.

The work culture at the Monastic Academy is part growing non-profit and part startup.

Residents and apprentices participate in fundraising meetings and exercises. Fundraising is an important part of our leadership training, and all residents and apprentices will be expected to help with fundraising—for example, applying for grants and reaching out to community members, friends and family for donations.

While the mission is for the benefit of all, the tactics and strategies used borrow heavily from the startup world. As such, you’ll find yourself regularly experimenting with new technologies and organizational practices to optimize performance and results.


The ultimate goal of the program is to integrate your practice of meditation with your daily work.


Through our mindfulness practice we cultivate clarity, authenticity, and compassion. Through our work we bring these precious qualities into the world.

The world desperately needs awakened leaders.

Will you answer the call?