January 17-24
Silent Meditation Retreat with Soryu Forall

January 26
Zendo Meditation Hall Opening Ceremony

February 7-21
Two-Week Silent Meditation Retreat with Soryu Forall

March 4-8
New Comprehensive MAPLE Training Program (by invitation)

March 13-20
Silent Meditation Retreat with Soryu Forall

April 17-24
Silent Meditation Retreat with Soryu Forall

May 15-22
Silent Meditation Retreat with Soryu Forall


Throughout the year we offer week-long silent meditation retreats lead by Soryu Forall, our head teacher. Each retreat is a precious opportunity to deepen your practice, hone your concentration, bring forth clarity, and immerse yourself in the essence of life. These retreats are rigorous and often transformational–not for the faint of heart. Check out the schedule for a taste of a day in retreat.

Our retreats take place each month from November through May. In February we offer an annual two-week retreat. During the summer months, we offer retreats that focus on cultivating interpersonal practices.



Several times per year we offer circling retreats along with other practice to cultivate practice in relationship. These retreats provide a crucial balance to the skills grown through meditation both on and off the cushion, and support us in  bringing our practice into each interaction in our lives.

We generally host circling retreats during the summer months (as well as over the New Year). We don’t yet have dates for our 2020 circling retreats, but stay tuned.


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Burlington Sunday Sit

We gather weekly on Sundays at the Quaker Meeting House in Burlington, VT. From 5-7 PM, Soryu or other residents adn teachers give a talk followed by guided meditation and community Q&A.

All our events are offered on a by-donation basis. We suggest a donation of $10 for this offering.

Get a feel for our community and practice through our extensive library of previous talks. You can listen to past recorded events, including the Sunday Sits, on our YouTube channel or SoundCloud page.

Some members of the CML community are very sensitive to the synthetic fragrance found in products like shampoos, soaps, detergent, and fabric softener. Please be fragrance-free when visiting CML, and at all CML events – learn how here.