Visit the Monastic Academy

You can visit the Monastic Academy for a short visit, long term residency, or join for a silent retreat.

See our events page for upcoming workshops and retreats.

Coworking Residency

  • Stay at MAPLE for longer periods at a discounted monthly rate
  • Work on your own projects remotely with WiFi and co-working spaces
  • Live among a supportive community of friends, while integrating your meditation practice into the rest of your life
  • Two hearty & healthy vegan meals each day
  • Enjoy the stillness and beauty of Northern Vermont


  • Do your own work or do service work for MAPLE
  • Review our daily schedule to get a sense for a typical day
  • Join for morning and evening meditation; work flexibly on your own projects during the day
  • Hearty vegan meals and a comfortable room
  • WiFi throughout the building
  • Integrate mindfulness, community, and work

Silent Meditation Retreats

  • One-on-one mindfulness training and support
  • Daily exhortation talks, guided meditations, and Q&A
  • Enjoy the silence of going deep with trustworthy friends
  • See the Awakening portion of the Schedule for details
  • Space is limited; we cap the size of each retreat
  • See Events for upcoming retreat dates

MAPLE represents something extraordinary–a residential community where people do long-term, monastic-style practice as they train to become community mindfulness teachers.

MAPLE brings together the best of two worlds: an intensive training environment combined with a systematic, fully modern version of mindfulness.

Shinzen Young

Mindfulness Expert Teacher

In my time at MAPLE, the drive to be better hasn’t disappeared (if anything, it’s stronger) but the unhelpful franticness has faded. I’ve been managing to tap into a calmness which is both restful and invigorating. The change has been gradual, and I hadn’t even realized how much had changed until I stopped to reflect towards the end of my two-month stay and realized how much more grounded and invigorated and happy I was.


Software Developer, Startup Founder

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