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Virtual Zendo

Join a loving community of practice striving for
deeper wisdom, joy, intimacy, and service.

At the Monastic Academy we have the great fortune of gathering in the Zendo for periods of deep training and transformation. This space regularly holds contemplative practice, interpersonal meditation, and Dharma talks, as well as rotating workshops like embodiment, emotional processing, and vow commitment ceremonies.

To support our global community in cultivating the clarity, compassion, and joy needed in this time of disconnection and crisis, we’re opening this sacred environment to you through the Virtual Zendo. 

Soak in the serenity, friendship, and depth in one of our upcoming virtual offerings

Cohort 5 of MAPLE Fundamentals

Weekly Meditation & Dharma Discussion

Weekly Interpersonal Meditation

Weekly Sutra Study

Monthly Introduction to our Ecology of Practices

Circulating Workshops, Intensives, & Conversations

MAPLE Fundamentals: Cohort 5

In 2020 we launched MAPLE Fundamentals, an intimate 6-week journey that weaves participants through the Monastic Academy’s ecology of practices: including meditation, relational mindfulness, emotional processing, choice and meaning making, and behavioral change. In the four cohorts we’ve run, 50 practitioners from more than a dozen countries have come together striving to realize deeper joy, connection, and service!

We’d love for you to join Cohort 5. 

Weekly Meditation & Dharma Discussion

Join us on Mondays at 8:30pm ET or Wednesdays at 1pm ET for presence, connection, and community. Each session begins with a brief check-in before we move into a 20 min guided meditation and end with open space for expressions, questions, and discussions.

Weekly Interpersonal Meditation Practice

Join us every Friday at 1pm ET to engage in various transformative practices for bringing deep listening, presence, and authenticity into relationship. Using techniques from Circling, Authentic Relating, and other social modalities, you will gain skills for deepening intimacy and nourishment from genuine connection in community.

Weekly Sutra Study

Join us every Monday at 1pm ET to read and contemplate original texts together. This can provide an incredible opportunity to participate in the Buddha’s own process: dialog, conversation, and mutual opening around specific circumstances rather than disembodied sermons or preaching from an unwavering position. Led by Paul Steinbrecher, a Dharma enthusiast and aspiring scholar.

Monthly Intro to MAPLE’s Ecology of Practices

Join us for an introduction to MAPLE’s training system that matures people into leaders that can respond to the planetary crisis and live with greater joy, meaning, and compassion. In this session, you will learn about three keys for harmonization: 1) the integration of wisdom, love, and power, 2) the support of spiritual friends and community, 3) and an ecology of practices for transcendence and transformation. There will also be space to play with these approaches and hear about opportunities for diving deeper.
Next Session: TBD

Workshops, Intensives, & Conversations



Monthly “Digital Detox” Virtual Retreat
Saturday, April 30th 10am—6pm EST
Spend a day away from technology with the Monastic Academy. We’ll meet to check in and power down our devices. Leaving Zoom open with our screens off, there will be bells and announcements for guided and self-guided meditation periods, mindful eating, and breaks. We’ll return at the end to share our experiences, mindfully power up our devices together, and set intentions for our relationship with technology going forward. Offered for free (donations welcome).

Jade Method 4-Week Online Course
Sundays in April from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET

A deep-dive into one particular meditation approach: The Jade Method, a standard meditation technique taught at the Monastic Academy. This method can be made as simple or as complex as you choose. You will learn how to align your posture, align your breath, purify hindrances, and rouse heroic motivations. Taught by MAPLE Fundamentals Teacher and Monastic Academy Canada / Willow Executive Director, Jasna Seishin Todorović.

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