Virtual Zendo

Join a loving community of practice striving for
deeper wisdom, joy, intimacy, and service.

At the Monastic Academy we have the great fortune of gathering in the Zendo for periods of deep training and transformation. This space regularly holds contemplative practice, interpersonal meditation, and Dharma talks, as well as rotating workshops like embodiment, emotional processing, and vow commitment ceremonies.

To support our global community in cultivating the clarity, compassion, and joy needed in this time of disconnection and crisis, we’re opening this sacred environment to you through the Virtual Zendo. 


As of June 7th, all Virtual Zendo sessions are currently on pause for the Summer

As the weather gets warmer and COVID rates continue to drop, we imagine that many of you are taking this opportunity to gather in person once again. Wonderful! Also, six months into this experiment, we on the Virtual Zendo facilitator team feel it’s a good time to pause and reflect on how best to continue sharing MAPLE’s practices with our friends around the globe.

If you have ever participated in the Virtual Zendo, please send us your feedback here.
Your contribution may significantly influence the future of this online community.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to practicing with you again soon.


MAPLE Fundamentals: Cohort 5

In 2020 we launched MAPLE Fundamentals, an intimate 6-week journey that weaves participants through the Monastic Academy’s ecology of practices: including meditation, relational mindfulness, emotional processing, choice and meaning making, and behavioral change. In the four cohorts we’ve run, 50 practitioners from more than a dozen countries have come together striving to realize deeper joy, connection, and service!

We’d love for you to join Cohort 5. 


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