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The Monastic Academy is committed to combining the rigor of traditional monastic practice with the dynamism of a startup. Our apprenticeship program is designed to take you through an intense meditation training that gives you a rare set of skills and experiences for life. We welcome true difference of culture and opinion, and invite participation regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, economic background, and cultural upbringing. 

We aspire to be the most rigorous training center in North America. If you are committed to do whatever it takes to revolutionize your mind so you can revolutionize the world, this may be for you. Know that this training is not for everyone and that’s okay.

We expect people coming here to take personal agency for their own mental and emotional well-being. While we offer such care, it is not the purpose of the training.

If you are inspired to take advantage of this unique opportunity, feel free to apply. If you would like to see this place for yourself before applying, feel free to visit.

The program includes:

  • Regular 1-on-1 meditation instruction and guidance
  • Monthly special programs and/or silent meditation retreats
  • 3+ hours of daily meditation
  • 2 healthy vegan meals each day
  • Supportive, authentic community of full-time residents
  • Valuable skill building in Awakening & Responsibility
  • 1 hour of dedicated daily physical exercise
  • Live surrounded by natural beauty, including miles of hiking trails

Explore our training schedule here.

The apprenticeship is FREE with room and board provided.

Cellphones and electronic devices are allowed. Wifi is available in the building with the exception of the evening and morning silent practice periods.

Feel free to send questions to

Due to high demand, the apprenticeship is filling up quickly. The sooner you apply, the better. If you apply and are accepted, it is unlikely that you will be able to begin immediately.

Testimonials from Past Apprentices

Whether you’re an experienced meditator or someone who’s only recently heard the word meditation, the Apprenticeship at the Monastic Academy is for anyone looking to grow in unexpected and rewarding ways. You may learn a number of valuable lessons working on any simple and humble task as part of the buildings and grounds crew.

– Lindita Camaj

I had the most meaningful few months of my life, my practice deepened and I made great friends. I now know that I am going to dedicate the next couple of years of my life to monastic/intensive meditation training. The Monastic Academy is my first choice of location.

George Lestner

My time here has been life-changing. More specifically, my time at the Monastic Academy has given me direct practice at being more assertive and setting boundaries, and this is extremely important, as direct practice is the only way I see of building compassion. The Monastic Academy is like a school for how to live well, where living well means being trustworthy and acting with integrity.

Ashley Wolf

This whole experience has been really incredible and deeply humbling. I feel a bountiful amount of love and gratitude for everyone here and this whole experience. I feel like I had my whole ego and a lot of paradigms shifted, to places where I didn’t think they would ever be shifted. I’ve discovered there’s something beyond my mind. And for the first time in my life, my mind is quiet, and that’s incredible for me because I’ve always celebrated its loudness, but I’ve never realized how beautiful it is when it’s peaceful and quiet. Everyone kept telling me “this will change your life,” and they were right.

– Claribel Wu

One of the things I read about the Apprenticeship was that I would take away a skillset that I could use for the rest of my life. I didn’t know what that meant. I now know that not only did I learn about cooking, organizing events, and management, but I also can communicate more clearly and compassionately with others, create equanimity in stressful situations, and discover a deeper sense of my spirituality. The Monastic Academy has opened up the pathway to a deeper happiness in the simplicity of what we do and has left me feeling full of fulfillment and peace.

– Sarah Samosiuk