Practice in the Age of COVID

The global response to COVID-19 has proven that humanity is capable of making drastic social, economic, and lifestyle changes in response to global crises. Amidst the panic and trauma, humanity has an opportunity to learn how our perspectives and actions shape our world. There is nothing more destructive than an unskillful mind. There is nothing more beneficial than a skillful mind. And there is nothing more fulfilling than making this exhilarating transformation.
Explore guiding teacher Soryu Forall’s six-part series of talks and guided meditations for a new perspective on coronavirus. We recommend that you listen to no more than one talk per day, and furthermore, that you spend no more than thirty minutes per day talking or reading about coronavirus. Instead, use that time to meditate, connect with friends, or brighten your day in another way.

Part One: Two Talks & A Guided Meditation

Find the remaining talks and meditations below:

SoundCloud Part One: Talk 1 | Guided Meditation | Talk 2

YouTube Part Two: Talk 1  |  Guided Meditation |  Talk 2
SoundCloud Part TwoTalk 1  |  Guided Meditation |  Talk 2

YouTube Part Three: Talk 1   |  Guided Meditation  |  Talk 2
SoundCloud Part ThreeTalk 1   |  Guided Meditation  |  Talk 2

YouTube Part Four: Talk
SoundCloud Part FourTalk

YouTube Part Five: Talk
SoundCloud Part FiveTalk

YouTube Part Six: Talk   |  Guided Meditation
SoundCloud Part SixTalk   |  Guided Meditation


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