Are you ready for change?

Residential Membership


Are you interested in living in a community of authentic, kind, and supportive practitioners, while taking your meditation practice to the next level? Residential Members live at MAPLE and engage in monastic training while supporting our mission financially. This is ideal for those who work remotely, are between jobs, or have financial resources that do not require them to work. 

Please review our Daily Schedule to get an idea of what the flow of life is like at MAPLE. Note that Residential Members are only required to participate in the Morning and Evening practice periods (starting at 4:40am & 7pm), and are free for the rest of the day.


Benefits include:

  • Two hearty and healthy vegan meals per day (with optional leftovers for dinner/snacks). Tea table available at all hours
  • Access to modern co-working/office space and WiFi throughout the building to work on your own projects
  • Explore a wide variety of meditation techniques from the world’s spiritual traditions
  • Regular 1-on-1 meditation instructions and guidance with highly qualified teachers (optional)
  • Participate in monthly weeklong workshops or silent meditation retreats
  • Access to our fitness area with a variety of exercise equipment
  • Swim in the pond (or take ice baths in the winter!)
  • Enjoy the many benefits of living in a community of friends committed to awakening, and healing ourselves and our world
  • Learn the methods in our ecology of practices: mindfulness, Circling, Bio-Emotive Framework, and many other therapeutic and spiritual techniques (Optional)
  • Opportunities to engage in creative activities such as art, music, and dance
  • Access to our large library of books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from spirituality and psychology to political activism and business management 
  • Experience the stillness and beauty of Northern Vermont with panoramic views of rolling hills, lush forests, and miles of hiking trails


In the four months I’ve spent at MAPLE, I have learned and gained more than I ever could have imagined. There are so many opportunities to gain new skills in concentration, relationship-building, embodiment, and leadership. The community and environment here have empowered me to take my meditation practice, personal growth, and quality of work to the next level.

Elliott Ge

There’s nowhere else on earth quite like MAPLE! The community is serious about spiritual awakening and developing leaders who can face the problems of our world, while also being open-minded, playful, and creative. The ability to deepen in my meditation practice while also working on my own projects has helped me to dissolve the distinction between spirituality and the rest of my life. I will forever be grateful for the many gifts I have received from this place!

Skylar Brown

My time here has been life-changing. More specifically, my time at the Monastic Academy has given me direct practice at being more assertive and setting boundaries, and this is extremely important, as direct practice is the only way I see of building compassion. The Monastic Academy is like a school for how to live well, where living well means being trustworthy and acting with integrity.

Ashley Wolf