Meditation at the Monastic Academy combines old school, industrial-strength monastic training with modern and pragmatic pedagogy.

The Monastic Academy makes use of Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness framework.

This framework gives a radically clear, practical and empowering approach to the art of meditation.

The modern and pragmatic influence is seen in the permission to explore a wide variety of meditation techniques from all spiritual traditions (e.g. breath practice, noting, compassion, non-dual practice, yoga, and Native American ceremony); opportunities to engage in creative activities such as art, music, and dance; extremely clear conceptual frameworks for practice; talks that cover both traditional Buddhist topics and non-traditional contemporary topics (such as psychological research, greek philosophy, and recent podcasts).


The goal of contemplative practice at the Monastic Academy is classical enlightenment, a radical transformation of the mind and the going beyond of all perspectives.


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