The Anti-Fragile Heart

live a more fulfilling, ethical
and joyous life


May 24th – May 31st, Lowell, VT

The anti-fragile heart is a unique and interdisciplinary retreat combining emotional transformation, ethical inquiry, and relational work into a week-long intensive led by a variety of experts

Anyone that is feeling the call to really go deep in themselves and hear a deeper truth… know that this is a place where you can do that.

Ra'mmm Bosch

This sheer sense of safety… was created by being here. A sense of being able to explore anything that came up no matter how scary [or] difficult.

Rob Hardy

The thing that came alive for me at the end of the retreat was when in doubt, just love the hell out of people. And it still feels quite alive for me.

Anezka Sokol

Shed Your Shame
Face Your Fears
Achieve Your Aspirations

The Antifragile Heart Intensive is designed to help you develop resilient emotions and relationships in order to pursue a deeply meaningful life, take responsible leadership and make an impact.

Throughout the week we will train in Monastic Academy’s 5 Pillars of Emotional Mastery:


Emotions are powerful indicators of what we value and care deeply about, and through their purification and integration they guide us on a path of service and leadership


Harmonizing fragmented and disowned parts of the psyche with the Bio-emotive Framework, Internal Family Systems and more


By learning how to see fully — and be fully seen by — others through the highs and lows of connection, we create room for more depth, dependability and joy in our relationships


By properly discerning the fabricated nature of all phenomena, emotional reactivity is released and ever deeper degrees of peace are discovered


Leveraging various meditation and energy-body techniques to transcend emotional blockages and cultivate heightened states of wellbeing and joy

What’s included?

Full 1-Week Transformational Intensive

  • With over 20 workshops to chose from throughout the week, you can focus on what is most alive for you in your developmental journey


  • Scheduling will be dynamic and adaptive to the needs of each individual and the group


  • There will be opportunities every evening and at the conclusion of the week to integrate all that you’ve learned

Practice Book

containing guidance and visuals for each of the workshops and techniques

Audio Library

containing recordings of each of the workshops

Virtual Transformation Coach

an app that walks you step by step through the application of various techniques

Peer accountability & support

plenty of friends will be made and structure will be provided to ensure post-retreat connection

Room and board

get your own bed in a shared dorm, with two healthy vegan meals each day

Or upgrade to your own
Personalized Transformation Team

Only 4 slots remaining

The In Person 1-on-1 Transformation Package

A one-on-one session with each facilitator, six hours total

  • Guided session with emotional transformation coach Matt Goldenberg

  • Circle in deep presence with veteran circler Sofia-Jeanne Caring

  • Receive bodywork from professional massage therapist Autumn Turley

  • Discuss ethics and what is truly worth loving with Emerge podcast host Daniel Thorson

  • Find groundedness and full-hearted expression with professional therapist Ellen Mcsweeney

  • Circle into a fresh, clear meditative awareness with Xuramitra Peter Park

Two Mindset Preparation Calls

get the most out of the experience by priming yourself with two 1-hour calls prior to arrival

Five Integration Sessions

connect with a coach for five hour-long one-on-one integration sessions to make sure that your insights only deepen upon returning to daily life

One Group Level-up Session

get an hour-long virtual coaching session with family, friend[s] or partner[s], to deeply integrate what you learned into real-life relationships

Concierge Service

get up to 3 hours of concierge service to ensure seamless transportation and logistics

Change Your Life Guarantee

If this experience isn’t in the top 10 life-changing experiences you’ve ever had, we’ll give you your money back.

Reserve Your Spot

The retreat was amazing, eye and heart opening for me! I returned from it changed! It is so healing to be fully received and loved unconditionally with presence for who you truly are.


Over the span of less than a week, I was able to start actually feeling feelings, [and] naming the feelings. A palette of tastes and textures and smells of emotions that I’ve really never tasted before.


On a few occasions Peter has gently shattered my old reality and shown me a new and undeniable dimension of existence that has been an experience of love, and being seen and known, and accepted. Also because he’s taught me skills through circling that have helped me to be more present and loving, and now I can change my own life and other people’s lives for the better.


Featured Facilitators

Our experienced facilitators will lead you through a unique 6 day experience encompassing a variety of modalities.

Autumn Turley

Autumn spent four years as Assistant Director of Dance Odyssey, a Contact Improvisation class and jam in Santa Cruz, CA. In 2016 – 2017 she began organizing and teaching Contact Improv classes and events across the US and Canada. She now teaches embodiment and movement meditation as part of the ecology of practices at the Monastic Academy. Autumn’s teaching is inspired by her experience studying for ten years under a wide variety of teachers of Contact Improv, Taoist Energy Arts, Spinal Awareness, and Esalen Massage.

Sofia-Jeanne Roggeveen

Sofia-Jeanne has been practicing meditation since 2010 and began training in Circling in 2016. She formally trained with Circling Europe, completing their SAS program. Since then, she has facilitated these practices in many formal and informal settings, from graduate school to family dinners. Group and interpersonal dynamics fascinate her deeply and she loves to dive below the surface to investigate the undercurrents of relationships. She recently finished her MA in Organizational Psychology at Columbia University Teachers College and she works as an organizational consultant.

Ellen McSweney profile photo

Ellen Mcsweeney

Ellen is a licensed psychotherapist (LICSW) with a focus on trauma and grief, bringing empathic presence to the heart of any emotional storm.  She works with a variety of approaches and modalities, from traditional talk therapy to creative strategies such as art, movement, and meditation.

Matt Goldenberg

An expert with over a decade experience as an emotional transformation coach, Matt will bring his unique brand of heart-centered and yet highly operationalized emotional transformation tools.  Matt’s approach centers around understanding exactly how the emotion is presenting, getting to the heart of it, and right from that place of total vulnerability transforming and integrating that emotion completely.

Daniel Ryūshin Thorson

Daniel has been practicing meditation since 2009 and is a certified Circling facilitator. He recently completed leading a three month training at Willow, the Canadian branch of the Monastic Academy, where he led a small group exploration of the integration of meditation, emotional healing, relational practice and ethical reflection.

Xūramitra Peter Park

Xūramitra is a leader at the Monastic Academy. He introduced the practice of Circling to the Monastic Academy back in 2015. He is certified with Circling Europe and has completed four Circling Europe SAS programs. He also has led Circling on a weekly basis, at college campuses and dharma centers, and over seven circling retreats at MAPLE. His circling superpower is helping people feel safe and included.

Pricing & Registration

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Join the Monastic Academy for our second annual weeklong deepdive into the world of emotional, ethical and relational mastery. 

  • Discover relational blind spots and process stuck emotional patterns (trauma) to move toward freedom and healing with our supportive monastic community
  • Learn how to cultivate greater levels of vulnerability, dependability and beauty in relationship with others
  • Become more capable of discerning and embodying your ethics to be a more effective leader and live a more fulfilling life

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