Movement Flow and Dharma Talk with Massage and Tea

Mobile Monastery Chautauqua Tour Presents:

Movement Flow and Dharma Talk with Massage and Tea

Monastic Academy, 751 Page Rd, Lowell, VT

Sunday, November 26th, 2pm – 9pm

Drop in anytime!

Mobile Monastery Events are offered by donation to give people the opportunity to explore giving resources as a spiritual practice.  Dāna is a Buddhist term for the virtue of generosity.

For more info or to register, contact Autumn:


Movement Flow and Dharma Talk with Massage and Tea

Deepen your meditation practice in connection with your body. Learn about the Chautauqua‘s journey across the country. This half-day workshop at MAPLE features massage and tea, embodiment, a dharma talk, guided meditation, silent practice, and chanting in the beautiful nature of Northern Vermont.

Please be fragrance-free before arriving at the center.  Here is our fragrance-free guide.  Upon arrival, we will work with you to minimize fragrance, which could include asking you to change into extra clothing that we have available.  It’s best to start the process of getting fragrance out of clothes and hair as soon as possible as it can take up to two weeks.  The key words to look for in ingredient lists are “fragrance” and “parfum”.



(Subject to change)

2:00 Massage and Tea

3:00 Embodiment

4:00 Traveling the Spiritual Path in a Van 

5:15 Panel Q&A  

5:45 Dharma Talk with Renshin

6:15 Q&A

7:00 Guided Meditation

7:30 Silent Meditation

8:30 Chanting