MAPLE Fundamentals Cohort 4

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MAPLE Fundamentals offers a modern, integrated approach to development that gives you practical tools for personal and collective transformation. The 6-week journey begins with an Awakened Leadership module that establishes a global and personal context for the training. You will connect with your intention for showing up fully, foster friendship and accountability processes for supporting you on this path, and explore a remarkable insight: the same practices that we use to generate meaning and joy create the trustworthy leaders the world desperately needs.

In the subsequent modules, you will use introspection, communication, and meditation tools to help you make sense of the world, deepen your relationships, and navigate life with greater compassion and clarity. During the final week, you will integrate your insights and weave together the practices in the form of a self-retreat. This will enable you to dive deeper into what resonated most and establish a momentum and action plan for your journey ahead.