CircleAnywhere 9-Month Level Up ⬆ Immersion

Level Up ⬆ is a personalized, 200 + hour circling training. Level up in your awareness, maturity, and relationships in this nine-month developmental accelerator with CircleAnywhere.

The training includes:

  • 10 Personal Circles
    Level up your ability to receive love, your self-confidence, and your self-awareness. You’ll get personal support by our professional CircleAnywhere staff, kickstarting your development by being Circled in ten 1-1 sessions led by a variety of powerhouse facilitators.
  • 8 Individual Coaching Sessions
    Level up where you struggle most in your life. Gain deep insight on your unique problems in love, purpose, wealth, health and spirituality. These 1-1 sessions with our certified Circling Coaches reveal deep patterns of conditioning and new possibilities for more thriving.
  • 8 Supervised Feedback Circles
    Level up your leadership. Make sure you’re practicing the deep kind of surrender that leads to flow with a masterful Circler supervising while you lead, giving you feedback and Circling you while you Circle to find ways to level up not just what you do, but how you see.
  • 100+ Hours of Live Sessions
    Test your mettle and apply everything you learn in the crucible of live Circling groups at least three times a week on CircleAnywhere, once a week practicing Circling and being Circled by a fellow student, and in small group practices.
    + 90 Hours of Group Practice
    + 30 Peer Practice Circles
    + 10 Hours of Small Group Practice
  • 30 Hours of Curriculum & Examples
    Each week you’ll get a new lesson that covers a key topic on how to level up your relating. These lessons are a mix of content, practice, and recorded Circles with commentary, so you’ll be able to see how the pros Circle, what’s behind why they do what they do, and how you might learn from the way they think rather than the tools they use.
  • 8 Small Group Certification Circles
    Level up your discernment and prepare for the challenges of bringing Circling into high-pressure situations by attending Certification Circles once a month for the duration of the training. Participants often report that these are the most transformative sessions, so we’ve included more of them than ever before.
  • PLUS you’ll get:
    • An in-person deep dive at MAPLE over four days (with the option to add others):
      October 13-16, 2022
    • Deepen your communal roots and experience the mystery and vulnerability of in-person deep dives.
    • The option to do a Certification Circle in person
    • Get the best of the physical and virtual worlds—a personalized program utilizing the power of the internet to fully integrate your awareness training with your day to day experience, plus the added bonus of being in physical space together.

Interested in learning more? Visit CircleAnywhere’s page for more information on the LevelUp program, and if you’d like to attend, you can purchase your ticket here and room/board here.

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