Hello friends,

I want to let you know that MAPLE is starting a new scholarship fund. This fund will help bring people to MAPLE who otherwise could not afford it. With this letter, I invite you to support us as we take the next step in building community on a foundation of deep trust.

Before reaching out to you, I began asking myself: what is truly worth supporting? How does someone choose what to entrust their resources to? Looking around this community, it became clear…

Trust happens in relationship

At MAPLE, it is in living with each other and witnessing how we each show up in a variety of circumstances and conflicts that our integrity is revealed through our actions. 

Our residents train in trustworthiness

We support each other in examining whether our actions are in accord with our highest aspirations. When we enter into this training, we set a high bar for ourselves and ask others to hold us to this bar. 

When we do dishes, resolve conflict, build a cabin, face controversy, be a good friend, do bookkeeping, fall apart, give a presentation, and hold each other accountable, we work to deepen this trust individually and collectively.

It is through relationships that a trustworthy culture can emerge

and it is through trustworthy culture that the world transforms.



This is MAPLE’s offering.

So what is truly worthy of support?

These portraits are my answer. 

I’ve entrusted my life into the hands of these sangha members.  These photos — taken by me, during intimate 1:1 meetings with each resident — express the beauty of our mutual trust.

Beyond our residential community, I’m so grateful to you, our broader community, and your willingness to stay in connection, share joys and sorrows, have difficult conversations, and be in celebration and vulnerable inquiry with us.

Your support is the reason this training works.

This Giving Tuesday, we exceeded our goal and raised over $12,000, which is a fantastic start towards our goal of raising $30,000 for our scholarship fund by the end of the year. Please consider making a gift before December 31st to make our programming accessible to all those who aspire to train and serve.

  • A gift of $133 feeds a trainee for an entire month.
  • A gift of $1,400 provides important subsidies for four retreat guests in need.
  • A gift of $3,360 funds an entire three-month Stewardship – an experience that often alters the course of a trainee’s life.   

Thank you in advance for your generosity. And may all those that wish to give their lives to Truth and Compassion be supported in doing so. 

With Trust,