“Many garlands can be made from a heap of flowers. many good deeds can be done in this life.”

Dhammapada 53

Unlike typical monasteries, we emphasize utilizing insight to take transformative action in the world.

Unlike typical non-profits, we emphasize realizing the critical role of our own minds in creating a world of injustice and ending that process through intensive meditation training.

Not only an ideal training environment to discover true and lasting happiness but also to acquire the precious real world skills needed to live a life of purpose, meaning and engagement. This is the real deal. Daniel Thorson

This has been a life-changing experience. I don’t know where I’d be without it. Being here has taught me how to be more myself. More than that, in this community I’ve discovered how to give and receive love. Denise Casey

Your generous gift makes possible the Monastic Academy’s goal of honing and implementing the most effective ways of training wisdom, love, and power, in the context of deep community.

By donating you enable world-class  mindfulness and grounded non-profit skill training free of charge for  three months and subsidized for long-term residencies, creating the next generation of awakened leaders who can effectively advocate for social and environmental peace.

Your support makes this mission possible.
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The Monastic Academy is a unique and groundbreaking organization that integrates the wisdom and compassion of a monastery with the power of education and business in service to all living beings.

At the Academy we teach the vast array of skills required to be an impeccable leader; we train deep insight, universal compassion, and the power to bring these qualities into your life. This training is designed to create leaders who are capable of transforming themselves and their communities.

Through facing aspects of mind that appear intractable, residents gain the power to shift unjust systems towards justice.

The core teaching of the Monastic Academy is the integration of Awakening and Responsibility.

The training of awakening is the integration of both of love and wisdom through the experience of insight. With love, we see our relationship to all beings; with wisdom, we go beyond all perspectives and points of view. We train in awakening through formal meditation practice, silent retreats, and other spiritual practices. The goal of this training is classical enlightenment.

The training of responsibility is the integration of love and power through the act of service. With power, we hold to and use our own perspective; with love, we see from others’ perspectives. We train in responsibility through taking on roles within the Monastic Academy, regular formal leadership training, spending time cultivating our vow, and the practice of service. The goal of this training is the capacity for true leadership, powerful action, and living in accordance with one’s vow. We combine deep contemplative insight with  powerful effective action.

The integration of these trainings creates individuals who can transform the world through wise, loving and powerful action.

If you find value in what we do, please consider becoming a Supporting Member
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Thanks to community support and grants from organizations such as the 1440 Foundation and Vermont Community Foundation, we have been serving people from all walks of life since 2011!  

We are grateful to Zapier for free service as a non-profit.

The Center for Mindful Learning is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our Federal Tax ID number (FTIN) is 36-4695073. See our IRS Determination LetterForm 1023, Form 990 on our Tax Page. Questions, comments, concerns? Email accounting@monasticacademy.com