The world desperately needs awakened leaders.

Will you answer the call?

The Monastic Academy curriculum features deep and rigorous training aimed at classical enlightenment, along with the tools to effect social and environmental justice and allow the flourishing of life. It is designed to create wise, powerful, and loving leaders who are an unstoppable force for social and environmental peace on Earth.

At the Academy you learn the vast array of skills required to be an impeccable leader and train in deep insight, universal compassion, and bring these qualities into your life.


The Monastic Academy brings the power of education and business skills together with the wisdom and compassion of a monastery.


Do You Have What it Takes?

Individuals from all walks of life come to train in the Monastic Academy, but share these common values:

You’re dedicated to living a life of depth and purpose. You come in search of a lifestyle that offers greater fulfillment, meaning and integrity.
You care deeply about the fate of the planet; environmentally, socially, economically, and in every other way; feeling a palpable desire to be of service in the transformation of our world and the cultivation of peace.
You’re here to wake up. You come to experience a freedom and happiness that can only arise through deep and purifying insight. Knowing that the accumulation of things and experiences do not lead to happiness, you are willing to give up everything to follow this path, and, to join the Monastic Academy, you will have to.

Power corrupts;

Enlightened power liberates.

The world needs your awakened action. History is shaped by the actions of those with the wisdom to clearly see what needs to be done, and the power to take action against insurmountable odds.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King transformed the world with their love and power; imagine what could be done with a dozen such individuals living and working together for the benefit of the planet.

The Monastic Academy creates leaders who transform the world.

Leave With Your Life

When you throw yourself into training at the Monastic Academy you will leave with insights that transform the very fabric of your life and identity.

You will gain the energy, skill and support to manifest your true life’s calling.

Through living in a caring community you will receive an embodied understanding of how to live in harmony with the world.

By taking on positions of power and responsibility you will learn valuable business and organizational skills.

You will leave with lifelong friends and colleagues who will challenge and love you into your best life, wherever it may take you.

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