Apply to be an Apprentice

Are you looking to enjoy the benefits of joyful service and intensive mindfulness practice this fall?

The Monastic Academy for the Preservation of Life on Earth (MAPLE) is committed to combining the rigor of traditional monastic practice with the dynamism of a startup. Our apprenticeship program is designed to take you through an intense meditation training that gives you a rare set of skills and experiences for life. The training will provide you ample opportunities to dive deeply into mindfulness practice in community, working, and dedicated sitting periods. Professionally, you’ll be in the trenches helping to build our modern monastery in Lowell, VT. It’s no easy task.

The program will be 12 weeks long: September 16 – December 16 (dates flexible).

The program includes:
– 1-on-1 Meditation Instruction and Guidance
– 2 Healthy Vegan Meals Each Day
– 3+ Hours of Daily Meditation
– Supportive Community of full-time residents-in-training at the Monastic Academy
– Live at one of the most beautiful locations with access to swimming pond and hiking trails.
– Do What Needs to Get Done including Buildings & Grounds, Cooking, Social Media, Audio/Video, and More.
– Training in the three skills of Wisdom, Love, and Power
– Includes week-long Circling social meditation retreat and special week-long silent meditation retreat.

Explore our training schedule here.

The apprenticeship is FREE with room and board provided.
Cellphones and electronic devices are allowed. Wifi is available in the building with the exception of the evening and morning silent practice periods.

Feel free to send questions to